During the three days of Tattoo Circus Berlin, Tattoo and Political program is complemented with other artistic side activities. These, as the whole event, will have a day-program, a non-profit character and developed by persons who‘ll give their creativity as an act of solidarity.

We would like that all kind of people could enjoy and take part of the artistic program. Thus, the idea is to offer a complex smorgasbord of music, performances and extreme acts, but also theater and circus acts, plus a space meant for children. For making this heterogeneous range of acts possible, the program is basically divided in two parts as follows:

From 12h to 18hrs, the activities will take place outside the enclosure to an all age’s audience. Straßentheater and Circus Acts are going to happen, as well as a space for Facepainting, Haircuts y Fake tattoos, if you‘re not in the mood to get a real one or you‘re just too young to do it :)

From 18h to 23hs, the activities will to develop within the Bethanien Theatre. Here Extreme Acts, Cabaret, Performances and Music will be happen. This program strictly finishes everyday at 23 hrs. Even on Saturday at closing time everyone’s welcome to a Walkact from Bethanien to Rauch-Haus Konzert-Party.


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